Getting in a restful night is one of the biggest challenges for many of us. But getting good sleep can be vital for our health. Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • Stick to a sleep schedule. – Set a time each night to start your bedtime routine. Many of us help our kids with this routine, but it is important to keep it up for ourselves.


  • Put the phone away! – We often lose track of time scrolling on our phones and playing those brightly colored apps. Putting the phone down or keeping it away from you at night can help you ease into relaxation a little bit easier. Phones these days have settings to remind you that it is close to bedtime. You can even turn on a Do Not Disturb feature so you won’t be distracted or awoken by notifications that can wait for tomorrow.


  • Take some time to relax. – Many people end up staying up late because they feel they haven’t had enough time to enjoy themselves throughout the day. So we stay up to indulge in our favorite TV shows or games. Set aside some time as part of your bedtime routine to do anything that brings you happiness. This way, you can go to bed feeling fulfilled and ready to take on a new day.


  • Sleep Support Supplements – Melatonin and other supplements are available that can aid you in getting sleepy and staying asleep. We’re always happy to help if you have any questions!


If you still have trouble sleeping and feel it impacts your daily life, make an appointment to see your doctor and discuss your other options.

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